What We Do at Nikzad Floors

There’s something special about what goes on here at Nikzad Floors.

It has little to do with the people who work here, rather the skilled artisans who do the work here.

They take raw, unfinished material and turn it into something beautiful, something that you envisioned, the colors, the textures, the dimensions you chose.

They work with their hands — they work with primitive materials, grown from earth, with hard, ugly, unforgiving tools and in the end you wouldn’t believe something so beautiful was created from wrestling with the grains and fibers of wood.

At Nikzad Floors, the heritage of old world workmanship is profoundly alive and can be recognized in the works created here. Quality is deeply ingrained in the attentiveness shown toward every plank of wood in the hands of these painstaking craftsmen whose efforts reveal that handcrafted creations are not merely traditional work, but an art that will never fade.

We don’t stock anything that’s finished.

We literally make every order from scratch. Carefully, thoroughly, handcrafted, piece by piece.

The design begins with you. Our work roots from your vision, your desires: wire-brushed or hand-scraped or distressed. Smoothly surfaced or rich, with heavy character.

We try to get as close as possible to the custom color of your choice.

Everything we use has a 6mm top layerply cross-grain engineered hardwood.

And, ultimately, the lasting finish is cured by light, preserving the color through the test of time.

That’s the work that goes on here. That’s why each order takes time. Because all good things take time, because they ought to.

From there the process exchanges hands. This time from ours to yours, to lay the groundwork where something beautiful can take its place.