Terms & Conditions

Order acceptance is subject to product availability.

»  Fifty percent (50%) deposit is required pre-production.

»  Production will begin upon receipt of deposit.

»  Balance must be paid-in-full prior to shipment/delivery/pick-up of finished products.

»  Per industry standard, allow for five percent (5%) for defect, minor damage and cutting waste.

»  All prices are subject to change without notice.

»  Pallet and box sizes are subject to change without notice.

»  All material sold in full box increments only.

»  To implement a material hold, a fifty percent (50%) deposit is required.

»  All material is subject to previous sale and Nikzad Floors cannot not guarantee stock availability.

»  Nikzad Floors shall not be liable for any incidental, special or consequential damages based on inability to ship product.

»  When placing orders, part numbers will always supersede color descriptions.

»  Please confirm both part number and color prior to order.

»  When placing an order by fax or e‐mail, a confirmation will be sent back to you with a reference number.

»  Please check the confirmation for verification and accuracy.

»  Nikzad Floors reserves the right to file preliminary notices on large orders to ensure our rights to payment.

»  Nikzad Floors hardwood flooring is only sold via authorized dealers, authorized retailers, authorized distributors. Only sales made through authorized dealers, authorized retailers, or authorized distributors will be warrantied.