About Nikzad Floors

In 1997, after years of experience in the manufacturing business, Fred Nikzad established Nikzad Floors.

His ambition was to bring exceptional value to the luxury hardwood flooring market.

Nikzad Floors custom creates its product lines.

Years of experience and relationship-building has given Nikzad Floors access to high quality raw materials, allowing for the ability to deliver distinguished woodworks in the luxury hardwood flooring arena at competitive pricing.

At Nikzad Floors, we are able to achieve high levels of quality control to meet your desired products as the work is mostly done by hand, closely inspected and a great deal of care is placed into the production of every order.

Green is also a big deal for us at Nikzad Floors. We obtain our materials from sustainable sources. Our products are all Certified Sustainable and are eligible for Lead Point Credits. The adhesive systems we use to assemble our engineered wood products use state-of-the-art adhesive bonding formulas that are strong and resilient. The component adhesive systems are E-1 rated and CARB II compliant.