On the Nature of Wood

»  Wood is a natural product subject to variations from region to region and the season in which it is cut.

»  Wood is also sensitive to heat and UV light, which over time may change the color of the sample being viewed and subsequently the floor that has been installed.

»  Changes in color and deepening of wood grain are a natural occurrence.

»  These changes are normal, commonly referred to as patina and not considered a defect.

»  Wood is also hydroscopic (it has the ability to attract and hold water) and is subject to changes such as gapping or possible surface distortion and deterioration in a hostile environment.

»  Careful control of temperature and humidity can help maintain optimal preservation of the floor.

»  Many factors influence weathering. Prolong exposure to sunlight will slightly discolor the floor.

»  Water, moisture, mechanical forces and heat will alter the appearance and texture of wood.

»  Proper maintenance is also key; please read the Nikzad Floors "Maintenance Guide" and visit the "Documents Archive" for further details.

»  For additional information on the nature of wood, please refer to the N.W.F.A. (National Wood Flooring Association) website for more detailed, technical information: http://www.nwfa.org/