Gallery Photographs

» All photographs were taken using only average-grade Nikzad Floors wood products to depict actual representations of what can be achieved or expected.

» Each wood product stain/finish will have at least a dozen photographs taken from various angles with slightly differing lighting conditions to present overall normal range room light-exposure settings.

» Each plank/board of wood varies as nature intended it to. Regardless of the final finish/staining many natural inherent conditions affect what the board will ultimately look like: whether it is a course texture or a fine texture plank, the concentration of pores, whether the pores are evenly distributed, the density of the fibrous grain, the grain structure/pattern, the type/figure of grain most present on the surface layers, the curvature of the thin-walled cells, the type of cut, how well the plank responded to the drying process, etc.

» Unlike synthetic mass-produced factory products, every wood plank will have its own unique and distinctive characteristics.

» At best, the photographs presented here on are to give a portrayal of an unidealized, naturalistic impression of the wood products processed and sold by Nikzad Floors.

» Nevertheless, we will do everything in our capabilties to get as close as possible to the desired color, the desired dimensions.